About Us

We’re two Toronto-based ladies who bonded over a love of food. We met serving at a restaurant in the city and, daily, would come in to work with stories of new recipes we’d tried, a container of food for the other to taste, or thoughts about a favourite new restaurant. We decided to turn our passion into something we could share with others – and that’s how Plantiful Kitchens came to be!

We each have had very different experiences with plant-based food (read our individual stories below!) but our values around it are the same: plant-based food should taste great and everyone should be able to enjoy it. Whether you’re a full-fledged vegan or you simply want to work a few more veggies into your diet, our recipes are meant for you. We hope you love them as much as we love sharing them with you! 


Weird fact about me…I’ve never eaten meat. When people find that out, they freak…”Whaaat really, like never?! Not even by mistake?! Aren’t you curious about what it tastes like? Don’t you want to try it?!” 

Really. I’ve never eaten it; I once chewed some chicken by mistake but spat it out when I realized what it was. I’m curious, but in a removed sort of way because I would never actually try it. Beyond Meat has helped a lot with my curiosity. 

Anyways, very long story short, I’ve been ‘vegan’ or ‘plant-based’ my whole life. Wayyy before it was hip, my mom was feeding tofu and nutritional yeast to my brother and me. She literally used to make “tofu fingers” which were pieces of tofu breaded IN nutritional yeast. And I’m not saying this to sound cool (my friends in elementary and high school certainly didn’t think I was); I’m saying it because I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me that, now, so many people are down for this movement towards eating less meat and more plants. 

I don’t necessarily think everyone should suddenly become vegan. Even I’m not currently 100% vegan (I still enjoy some occasional ice cream or milk in my coffee). I simply think people can benefit from eating more plants. And I want to help them do it. So here we are.

Just as much as I love making and writing about food, I love talking about it. So let’s chat – reach out any time with questions, comments, ideas…anything. Until then,

xo – M


I grew up eating your typical omnivorous diet. About four years ago I tried going vegetarian for a week on a whim. I thought I was going to die. Yes, dramatic, I know. I had cravings for every little thing I knew I “couldn’t eat”. So I was the last person I thought would ever go vegan. Cheese and crackers were a staple meal for me… I’d put cheese on anything I could! (Even though I’m lactose intolerant… I know many of you can’t resist the dairy, even when it doesn’t like you!)

But here I am, 3 years of eating vegan later, and now running a plant-based food blog! Needless to say, a lot has changed in my understanding of food and the way I nourish my body.

For me, eating plant-based never really made sense until I learned all about the animals, the environment, and my health! I am a science nerd at heart, having gone to school for neuroscience, so educating myself was the most impactful way to make lasting personal changes. Pair that with my life-long passion for cooking and here we are. My recipes finally have a place to live where all my friends and family can find them in one place.

Meeting Mackenzie and creating Plantiful Kitchens with her has been an incredible adventure so far and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. I hope you enjoy making these recipes as much we love creating them!

Much love,

-A ❤